Self care tips, exercises etc.

Below is a list of informational articles and handouts that we use in the office. You can download them for home use. We have created most of them but those that we did not create ourselves are clearly marked. There is no copyright on anything I produced but please obtain permission from the author of anything I did not produce before sharing with anyone else.


Ice And Heat

Brief explanation of why and when to use ice or heat on an injury


Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis

Causes and self care for plantar fasciitis and related foot problems


Pinky ball instructions

Pinky ball is a generic term for a dense foam rubber ball that is used for self massage of sore muscles and trigger points.


Sacroiliac Sprain Instructions

The sacroiliac joint is a common source of lower back pain. This article provides home measures to help with healing.


Using The Trochanter Belt

This is an illustrated guide to fitting and using the trochanter belt which is used for unstable and chronic sacroiliac joint sprains.


Neck Stabilization Exercises

Recurrent neck pain is often caused by weak neck muscles and bad posture. These exercises quickly and easily correct both problems in a couple of minutes a day.


Self Care For Herniated Discs

Herniated discs are some of the more frightening and disabling back injuries. This instruction sheet gives you simple home care steps to increase the likelihood that you will recover with few lasting effects.


Low Back Abdominal Brace

According to the WHO if everyone did this exercise everyday there would be far less back pain.  It is a great practice to do whether you are very fit or just beginning to recover from a back injury.


Hip Flexor Stretches

If you have difficulty when rising from a seated position to a standing position your hip flexor muscles are probably too tight. Here are three ways to stretch your hip flexors.


Hamstring Stretches

Tight hamstrings place stress on the lower back. If you have difficulty touching your toes you likely have tight hamstring muscles. Here are a couple of options for stretching them. Most people do not stretch their hamstrings correctly.



Dental Amalgam

My graduate research thesis from chiropractic school suggesting a link between “silver” dental fillings and multiple chronic health problems.



This is a page that I update periodically as new research data comes available. Inflammation is being recognized now as the common link between almost all chronic diseases facing Americans today. Heart disease, strokes, kidney disease, liver disease, arthritis, diabetes and dementia have all been linked to inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a result of imbalances in body chemistry. Diet is the safest way to restore normal body chemistry. Here are recommendations based on current research for giving your body the best nutrition for avoiding chronic inflammatory diseases.