As we move into Fall…I am still here.

We are enjoying the beautiful weather. Not looking forward to the cold and snow that we know is coming, but for now, Ohio is a wonderland of color.

As many of you know, I am running for the Ohio House of Representatives. Early voting has already begun and the exit polls are confirming what we have been hearing on the phone calls and at the doors, this election is a toss-up. I don’t know if I will win or lose. I won’t know for sure until November 9th. In any case, it has been a learning experience and something I will always remember.

The reason I bring that up here is to assure everyone that, win or lose, I will still be seeing patients for the foreseeable future. An Ohio House seat is considered to be a part-time position and I will still be able to see patients Monday and Friday while attending to my duties in the House on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For now, Dr. Anton will still be covering for me on Wednesdays.

Happy Thanksgiving.