A New Year, A New View

     For some time now I have noticed that the news channels have been covering stories where someone has done something very bad to someone else.  They hardly ever mention anything about the rest of us who went to work, kissed our spouse, laughed at a well-mannered joke, held our children, or waved to our neighbor.  They don’t even speak about the damage to our spirits and even our health from constantly hearing the bad news, let alone the spirit, moral, and health of our communities!  They neglect to dwell on the beauty that is in this world and the potential joy that is within everyone we pass everyday.
     It is my hope, and prayer this New Year that we take a chance to see the beauty and love that is everywhere while leaving the fear behind in the darkness where it belongs.
    ~ Dr. Anton

Dr. Anton Keller

Drink extra water in the fall

When the temperature gets cooler we forget to drink as much water as we need. The cooler air is drier and dehydrates us more quickly than we would suspect. This time of year there is a tendency to reach for sweet snacks and overindulge on cookies and candy around the holidays. This craving for sweets is often a mistaken need for more water. You can help avoid gaining as much holiday weight if you reach for a glass of water whenever you are tempted by the sweet stuff. You will do your body good by keeping it hydrated and avoiding the sugary foods.

Dr. Anton will be accepting insurance.

Hi all,

A few years ago I decided to drop out of almost all insurance networks and transition to a cash practice because of the difficulty dealing with insurance companies and the low reimbursement rates. That was a very good decision for me. After 28 years in practice I have a pretty good core of patients who are willing to pay out-of-pocket for my services. My life has been much easier without the constant hassles of dealing with insurance and I think that for the most part the effect on patients has been minimal. Rising co-payments and deductibles have erased the benefits of having insurance for something as moderately priced as chiropractic care. It might make sense to use insurance to pay for a $20,000 surgery. But not for a $43 office visit with a $25 copay and $5000 deductible.

However, there are some people who would prefer to run all charges through their insurance company for various reasons. We understand that. For that reason and because Dr. Anton hasn’t yet developed that core of faithful patients he has decided to apply for a number of insurance networks. Which ones are still in question. If you have an insurance plan that you would like to have considered let us know. He is in the process of getting all of his certification applications together and would like some input on which insurance companies he should focus on.


Kristopher Keller, DC

Introducing Dr. Anton Keller

Dr. Anton Keller will be joining my practice beginning December 1, 2015. He will graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic on October 23. I and his father (my brother Glen) will be there to hand him his diploma. As you may have guessed we are related. He is my nephew and I am very pleased and proud that he has agreed to to help me. He will be working at my Morse Road office on Tuesdays and Thursday and at his father’s office in Millersport, Ohio on Mondays and Fridays. We will begin taking appointments for his December schedule by mid October. You can call or check our appointment calendar to find available dates and times.

Dr. Anton Keller

Dr. Anton Keller

Inflammation 2

So why would we care about inflammation? What if you don’t mind a little joint pain? Why can’t you just take some Advil every day? The answer is that inflammation does more than cause joint pain.

Chronic inflammation has been linked to increase risk of heart disease and cancer among others.

Advil? Advil increases the user’s risk of heart attack, stroke, ulcers, anemia, liver disease and kidney disease.

So. Do you want to feel better and live longer?  Follow a diet rich in anti-oxidants and avoid inflammatory foods like grains, grain fed meat, grain fed milk, grain fed eggs, sugar and other simple carbohydrates.

Grass fed or wild meats, eggs and milk are less inflammatory because of the high Omega oil content, just like fish.

Grandmother said “eat your vegetables” and she meant it.


I was asked about inflammation today.  A patient wanted to know what he could do to reduce the chronic pain in his joints.  My response was to suggest that he first look at this diet and eliminate foods that are known to increase inflammation.  Sugar, corn syrup and other concentrated simple carbohydrates, even natural ones like honey if done to excess, will encourage inflammation in the body.  Grains are now known to encourage inflammation because of the high percentage of quickly digested sugars bu also because of the high Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio.  Grain fed meat, milk and eggs are inflammatory for the same reason. Grass fed animal products are not inflammatory. Non-inflammatory foods that can substitute as a starch food include root vegetables like yams, turnips, carrots and beets.

I’ll let you digest that and then talk some more about inflammation later.

Coming Soon

My nephew Anton Keller (named for my great-great grandfather) is a fourth-year student at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  He is in the internship stage of his training and has moved back to Ohio to begin his last six months of training with my brother’s practice in Millersport Ohio.  Anton will also periodically be joining me in my office to shadow me and otherwise see how we do things with the anticipation that after he graduates in October that he will be practicing in my office on the days that I am not here. He will be doing the same thing for his father (my brother Glen) and thus will be practicing full time but out of two different offices under the guidance of two experienced practitioners.

So keep posted for future developments. We will be preparing a mailing and an e-mail announcement when he gets close to starting practice here. I also anticipate some sort of open house near the first of the year to introduce him to the practice and the neighborhood.

New Web Site

Hi All,

We are launching this new website this week. We designed it to keep the same general look and feel of our old website so that it is familiar and immediately usable for our patients.  But we have added some usability features to make it more flexible and dynamic and so that we can keep it updated more easily.  Please let us know what you think. Email me at drkeller@wowway.com


Dr. K

Changes to our practice coming

My nephew, Anton Keller, will be joining my practice this year.  He is in his final year at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  He officially graduates in October but before that time he will have some opportunities to visit the office and get to know the patients and see how I practice.

Beginning in October he will be working part time for me and part time for his father, my brother, who has a practice in Fairfield County. I am looking forward to having him available to help patients because we have trouble seeing everyone that needs to be seen sometimes. And looking forward to seeing what the new doctors coming out know that was not in the curriculum 30 years ago. Thirty years??? That does not seem possible.

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