Dr. Anton will be accepting insurance.

Hi all,

A few years ago I decided to drop out of almost all insurance networks and transition to a cash practice because of the difficulty dealing with insurance companies and the low reimbursement rates. That was a very good decision for me. After 28 years in practice I have a pretty good core of patients who are willing to pay out-of-pocket for my services. My life has been much easier without the constant hassles of dealing with insurance and I think that for the most part the effect on patients has been minimal. Rising co-payments and deductibles have erased the benefits of having insurance for something as moderately priced as chiropractic care. It might make sense to use insurance to pay for a $20,000 surgery. But not for a $43 office visit with a $25 copay and $5000 deductible.

However, there are some people who would prefer to run all charges through their insurance company for various reasons. We understand that. For that reason and because Dr. Anton hasn’t yet developed that core of faithful patients he has decided to apply for a number of insurance networks. Which ones are still in question. If you have an insurance plan that you would like to have considered let us know. He is in the process of getting all of his certification applications together and would like some input on which insurance companies he should focus on.


Kristopher Keller, DC