The property sold…now what?

We sold the property where we have lived and practiced for the past 28+ years.  We moved our residence to a hilltop in Hocking County where I see and hear only nature out every window. It’s a fixer upper but we are having fun imagining how we want it to be and how we are going to get there!

The good news is that our Columbus property was bought by Dr. Anuradha Bakhshi. Dr. Bakhshi worked with me about ten years ago in my Morse Road office and then went off on her own, eventually ending up in Newark, Ohio where she has practiced for the past 5 years. She and her family still live in Franklin County and she was looking for someplace closer to home when her husband saw our place for sale.

Dr. Bakhshi took over the office beginning December 1. We have reached an agreement that will allow me to continue to practice part time in the Morse Road office into the foreseeable future. Dr. Bakhshi will work primarily Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will work primarily Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This is a win-win on many levels. My patients will have the benefit of having Dr. Bakhshi available for care on the days that I am not there.  I get to slow down a little and spend some time in the woods. I hope that you all will take advantage of having access to two chiropractors, each with their own skills and techniques, but who share the same passion for helping people.

You can still reach me through my office at 614-885-4480 or this web site.  You can reach Dr. Bakhshi through her cell phone at 614-403-9865.